Welcome to the St. Luke’s Healthcare Charity – one of the first healthcare charities to help the poor and needy using Natural Medicine, as opposed to the symptom-suppression model of Allopathic Medicine.

We help many families who have failed to find a health solution within Allopathic Medicine, and are now seeking answers using Natural Medicine, but simply cannot afford this type of treatment as it is usually not offered on the National Health scheme, or private insurance.

We are also passionate about supporting scientific research in Natural medicine as again these laboratories are usually not funded by state funding or grants from organisations, as you cannot patent natural products, so there is no profit to be made.

We want to find laboratories that are working altruistically to help their fellow men and women and fund where possible – these are few and far between, but they do exist.

Our running costs are kept to a minimum through volunteer work and no board member of the Charity receives a salary – to the contrary they supply office infrastructures and their valuable time completely free of charge.

This enables us to pass over more than 95% of our donations directly to the people that need help – we are truly “Grassroots” in that respect.

We love God and Jesus and want to live our lives according to them! St. Luke, the Blessed Surgeon was also a man of God who spent his life offering to others, and this is why we have called the Charity – St. Luke’s Healthcare Charity.

Every penny that you have to donate will be truly blessed and you will know that ALL the funds will go to people that really need your support!

Thank you, and God bless you and your loved ones!